Book Review: Her Dark Angel – Her Angel Book 1

Her Dark Angel Book CoverHer Dark Angel is the first book in Felicity Heaton’s Her Angel series. I’m not sure exactly how this book ended up on my iPhone Kindle Reader. Probably during on of my “can’t sleep so I’m searching Amazon” sessions. In all honesty, I do not read very much romance. Author’s I have enjoyed in this genre are usually on the fringe and focus on plot over hot. I find most “steamy” writing formulaic and cannot relate. If you like hot romance thought, this may be a good read for you. I finished it because I wanted to seriously give a new author and genre a try. I believe Heaton delivered exactly what she promised and I actually did make it through  the sex scenes with bit of excitement and almost no eye rolling, so she’s probably  good at her specialty.

As you might realize from the title this is a paranormal romance, with angels but no demons. The world building was barely there, referred to but not mapped out, which is understandable for a novela length read. I found the writing to be steamy and it was easy for me to see where the characters were in Paris. The writing switched between the two romantic partners perspectives cleanly and in all, I found it to be a decently written book with clean edits.  If you enjoy this genre, I recommend it for a few hours of romantic tension with a beautiful witch and a sizzlingly handsome angel. I was not the target audience, but please don’t let that turn you off.

For a character driven fantasy read that I recently enjoyed, please see my review of Prince of Ravens by Hall Emerson. I heartily recommend it.

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