Book Review: Vengeance (Nameste) by Platt and Truant

I’m coming to enjoy novella length pieces, even if they’re serialized pieces of longer works. Much of my reading happens now on my iPhone and I can read one of these after lights out at night, have the satisfaction  of finishing and then let my face hit the pillow. I’d love to hear anyone else’s opinions on shorter works when they’re reading digitally.

NamesteVengeance (Namaste) by Sean Platt and Johnny Truant reminded me of Memento, the way it was told backwards. It took me a few chapters to catch on but the language and the main characters thought process, which the reader thoroughly get to examine for better or worse, kept me stuck in the story, even though I wasn’t completely certain of the time line. I usually don’t read chapter titles and in this case, they were important. I’m one of those readers who reads so fast that chapters titles are pesky little things that don’t get noticed. The authors had made a clear time line when I went back and checked the chapter headings.

I would categorize Vengeance in the horror/fantasy genre. It has elements of both. If you enjoyed Karate Kid and Blade, this might be right up your alley. There’s humor, tragedy, vengeance of course and a twist to the story that’s well set up and made me leave it nodding my head and thinking, yes, that’s where it was going all along, but I didn’t realize it.

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