Frozen Beauty

It is very, very cold here today. The wind is whipping through everything and if you’re more than a few feet away from the little space heater, the cold crawling through the walls of the apartment will start to nip and bite at your hands and feet. In a middle class American house, is probably would be just fine but in this apartment, keeping the elements out is a fight we’ve lost. Which basically leaves me shivering when I’m looking at pictures like this on the front of some fantasy books or on wall papers and posters. Freezing Woman

I’ve lived in several cold places and I’m talking about pipes bursting inside type cold. You live in that weather, you start putting on clothes until you forget how many you’re wearing. I lost a t-shirt once in Nanjing during the flash cold spell of 2007. It was three layers down. I was an exchange student living with a Chinese lady, in her house. She told me very frankly, you can bath with warm water once a week, or you can have some heat in your room in the middle of the night.

I like bathing. And once a week is doable when its too cold to smell yourself and you’re a college student determined to “stick it out”. Today, would I agree to that? Not so much.

In this kind of living conditions you don’t wake up and think, I should wear a coat when I go out today. No, you wake up, pull the coat off the top of the bed where it was helping the covers and put it on before you brush your teeth and it doesn’t come off till you crawl back under the covers. The point is to NOT show skin. You DO eat fat heavy meat if you can, because it does keep your body running at a higher tempature. Believe me, with all that shivering, you’re not putting on weight. 

You do not wear something like this. polar bear woman

It’s annoying, however to be bundling up all the time. About middle of January you feel like a walking padded quilt. But, with some effort and no need to conform to work attire standards, you can work on that. There are options for beautiful woman in snow photos. This one down here is even one you can own.


Seriously, you should check out Armstreet on Etsy. I positively wish I had a good reason to go get the Lady of the Lake dress right now.

So there is is, everyone, my cold walk inspired rant. I really scratch my head sometimes, reading books. Unless you have a good explanation for it, people will need to bath, defacate, eat very regularly to keep up fighting strength and dress warmly in freezing weather. A simple cloak over your summer dress is not going to keep body and soul together.


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