Book Review: Book 1 Part 2 The Island

Book One Part Two - The IslandToday is just a quick post. Or two. Things to do and place to be. So here’s an update on the Fallen Earth Series. You can see my post on Part One from before. I finished Part Two of Book One last night around midnight. Just had to finish. And immediately went out and ordered Part Three.

The pace of the story really picked up in this one. Stark spent less time in William Hills personal thoughts and much more time on character interaction and a dramatic new twist in the plot that included pointy ears, a weird prophecy and some scary time with a tarp. Looking back, I can see how he foreshadowed it in Part One. Stark has control of this story and as I wrapped up Part Two, or rather, looked back on Part Two because I was so involved in the story the end jumped out and surprised me, I have this sense that he knows exactly where he’s taking us. His descriptions continue to wrap me up and pull me into William Hill’s world with they lyrical bent. Hill though, is getting tired and stressed the language is shifting appropriately. I’m curious and fascinated by the Daniel character. Secondary and supporting character are very real and tangible, even when they only show up for a few moments at a time.

Looking forward to Part Three. I’ll update you all when I finish. Meanwhile, I highly suggest going out and getting Part One and Two. They’re free on Amazon now, but who knows when Stark will choose to change that. He’s certainly earned recognition for his work.

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