Graphics: I’m going back to Preschool!

There are so many benefits do being able to produce your own graphics these days, especially for those of us in social media who enjoy creativity. Sometimes I just want to be able to show everyone what’s rattling around between my ears instead of just wiring it, much as I love writing. So I’ve been kicking around different programs for the las month, looking for something useful. Fo far I’ve looked at DAX 3D, Sketch Book Express, Ink Scape, Goodle Sketchup, and Picture Collage Maker Lite.

Here’s what I’ve learned. Ring

DAZ 3D will let you produce something in a few minutes that looks like it was drawn by either an manga creator or a Mortal Kombat artist. But to get much beyond two or three outfits and hair combinations, you have to start spending a lot of money for each piece, modification and background. It’s like playing dress up doll but more expensive. Cool looks, but lots of restrictions and all the looks have a definite fantasy sexy theme to them. Looks cool and you get do a bit with it if that’s the only look you want but in the end, you’re mostly dressing and undressing different dolls. Lots of in app purchases.

Google Sketchup is a great tool. You have to commit the hours to learning it and it’s mostly for architecture. Not really for making people or paintings. It’s a modeling software. That being said, it’s a powerful tool. Be prepared to sit down and really study. I’ve currently given up learning it because I don’t have a good desk set up that lets me use the mouse fluidly. My office right now it the wall with my buns on the tatami mat. We’re moving soon.

InkScape looks useful. I’ve had trouble loading it on my computer, but my husband has produced some good work with it, like the Bucket over at I’m going to figure out what’s up with my computer and try that again.

Collage Maker Lite which came with my computer is so very easy to use I almost feel like I’m not able to claim any creativity. It’s quick, looks great when you finish and you can make a lot of different things with your jpegs, photos and a little bit of time. My post 12 Months was made with this tool. Once I picked the photos it took about 10 minutes and that was my first time using it.

Sketch Book Express was my project yesterday and today. I really need a tablet and stylus. This is what I was able to manage my first two sessions out just using my finger on the touchpad.

Ink in the Tea

Yes, I’m fully aware, it appears that I am heading back to preschool. Hopefully the learning curve with digital art is fast than my learning curve with pen and paper art!

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