Hello California: Wanderers from the East have Landed in the West


The past week there hasn’t been much time of me to consider any profound topics or research. It’s been one long rush with spurts of hurry up and wait every since Kynght and I left our apartment. Now I’m curled up on the couch of my grandmother’s house. Knyght is crouched next to the air mattress, working with one of his videos for his youtube channel. My cousin is sitting on the couch in front of the TV studying for her nursing B.A. Grandma is reading the newspaper. The TV plays in the background but I can’t see it. It’s probably the most peaceful life has been in days. And I’m just soaking it in before the rush of being in limbo hits again tomorrow. Today it was phones. Tomorrow we look for cars.

The culture shock is hitting hard. Knyght and I had to make conscious decisions to walk into the house with our shoes on. I excused myself today on an elevator in Japanese and a small bow. Considering I was in a Walmart in San Diego, that went over smoothly. No, actually, I just got a funny look. Water glasses, dinner plates, forks, everything is bigger than we’re used to.

But getting a hug from my Grandma and settling into the the old comfy couch on the old familiar quilt she handmade years ago is comforting. I’m excited to share this part of my life with Knyght, even though its like trying to tell him a dream, because it’s not here any more but the space I knew still is. Just changed. Like me. We’ve both aged.

California feels so big. All these wide open roads and the vast extend of the sea spinning out into the blue sky away from mountains just tumble with white and orange boulders. It feels like things can happen here, like you could run and run with the breeze at your back. Not that my aching feet want to run or that I have enough energy with the jet lag, but I can imagine it. It’s a vision the scenery evokes.

Only time will tell if this feeling of hope will remain. I intend to grab this moment and shake it for all its worth. We don’t have any other choice.

So tomorrow, we look for cars and after that, jobs. And somewhere in the middle of all that, The Gathering needs to be written, Criminal needs a 2nd draft and Skere needs the final polish.

So this little writer is going to go put her nose the grind stone before she crashes into keyboard.


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6 Responses to Hello California: Wanderers from the East have Landed in the West

  1. mobewan says:

    Glad you both arrived safely. Scary but exciting times ahead.

    What are the Gathering and Criminal about? Noticed they were missing from your production schedule page and I’m intrigued. Speaking of that page, I’m embarrassed that I didn’t realise you had written something I could read! Off to look at Pegasus King now.

    • Ciara Darren says:

      Don’t be embarrassed! ^_^ I’ll warn you the website is sometimes NSFW. But the fan following is loyal and engaged!

      Criminal and The Gathering are books two and three respectfully after Skere. Together, they make up the first three installments of Silence of Elysium, my fantasy series that will start appearing this month. Just finalized the cover with my artist two days ago! I’ll lost soon and share it. He’s very good. Thank you for all the encouragement!

  2. Welcome back to the West Coast. 😀

  3. LFFL says:

    Good luck looking for cars and jobs! It’s always fun to get a new car.

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