Publishing on November 7th, 2015

Hello Everyone,

I will be publishing TERMS of Derangement, the first episode in the TERMS series, on Amazon, on November 7th.

Here are some of the reviews I’ve gotten back from readers who have been following chapter releases on for the last month.

“I love the depth you have put into an obviously expansive story/universe. I hope for my own desires that things get dark but to be honest I am loving that you are writing with eloquence and beautiful fluidity so much that I will continue reading this no matter which direction you take. Thank you for your art.” – Jay

“I really love your Story! Can’t wait for more! Poor Telos! Really want to know What happens next! Thanks for sharing!” – abhila

“Thanks a lot for sharing your fabulous story. This is as good as Pegasus King. Even better with the kitty cat … ^_^ He is soooo adorable (hearts, hearts, hearts) I can’t wait for Fridays to read more :)” – Roya7

If you have been reading TERMS of Derangement here or elsewhere online, please drop by on November 7th and help promote the book on Amazon. Buys would be amazing and positive reviews are gold. I’ll put links up here when they go live.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement. It’s humbling to have such excited readers and I will do my absolute best to continue to excite, create, torture and generally assist in the pleasure of escapism!  The second episode in the TERMS series, TERMS of Defilement, has been put into the hands of my alpha reader and is on schedule to be released in early December.

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3 Responses to Publishing on November 7th, 2015

  1. Congrats and good luck! I’ve fallen a bit behind, but I’m still following the story here.

  2. mobewan says:

    Hey! So great to see you back in action. Sorry not been in touch sooner, but have been following what you’ve been up to. Looking forward to catching TERMS on Amazon (despite publishing on Wattpad and the like, I must admit I don’t like reading from that sort of thing). Shame about Skere coming down as I really enjoyed it, but I know what that feeling is like where you want to make sure what you put out there is as good as you can do (but I don’t think you perhaps have as far to go as you think). Glad you’re back into the writing swing of things.

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