Release of TERMS Episode II: Terms of Defilement

Terms of Defilement - Master Cover

We’re two for two! November was TERMS Episode I: Terms of Derangement and now for December, I give you TERMS Episode II: Terms of Defilement, with an even better cover, I think, than the first book!

Seriously, this cover has a story. My cover artist was trapped in a house without electricity for days, pushing back the project by a week. It wasn’t a little storm, we’re talking act of God type storm, just under hurricane in some parts of his state. So I tried not to be nervous and sat on my hands. But he came through! I am not joking, this is a fully original work, based on several scenes in the book. He mixed up Hollywood style blood and then used a highly dangerous heat gun to raise the temperature of the glass. Afterwards, he dropped the vials in buckets of ice water to make the cracks, then broke them until he got one right. I do not pay this guy enough. The next cover, for TERMS of Denouncement, involves fire. Considering my cover artist has a fascination for the element, I’m hoping there’s video of the photo shoot. Maybe, maybe not!

So, here’s a little about the story.

Far from the coal smoke and rain of his queen’s capital of Saxony, Lord Enforcer Jarvis has fallen. His only friend is Telos, the snow leopard shifter he saved from certain death, at risk of his own life. And they are surrounded by the Night Children that Lord Jarvis is sworn to fight, vampires, werewolves, shifters, genies, and witches. Desperate, Telos begs the vampire queen for Jarvis’s life.

There is more at stake than one man’s life. In Jarvis’s blood run secrets, about to be exposed. There is a new enemy. The world of progress and the gods of the past are about to meet.

For Telos, though, the world is simple. He craves survival for the man who rescued him. Even if he can find clemency from the vampire queen for the Saxony lord, he may still not be able to save the man he has come to love, from the most dangerous enemy of all, Jarvis’s own soul. Meanwhile, Telos himself is not whole. His mind, cruelly tortured by a warmongering warlock, is a walking Pandora’s Box of terror. Yet Telos is still determined to risk it all.

For Jarvis, it is a choice, between his loyalty as a lord enforcer of the proud Saxony empire, or a daring and uncertain future on the wrong side of his code of honor. And more than his life, or even Telos’s life may depend on the decision of his heart.

That’s all for today, everyone! I’m going to go put my nose to paper for Episode III.

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1 Response to Release of TERMS Episode II: Terms of Defilement

  1. The secret life of cover artists. 🙂

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