My Cover Artist Loves Kerosene

Can you tell? So, with a week to go to the end of January, we have this gorgeous cover for Episode 3 – Terms of Denouncement.

I could not be more thrilled. Baring “Acts of Nature” – I’m just superstitious enough with the weather lately to cross my fingers and listen to my Irish side for a moment – Terms of Denouncement will be up for purchase on Amazon on January 30th or 31st, depending on where you fall around the dateline. Unlike Telos and Jarvis, I DON’T have a dragon on my side!

Terms of Denouncement Cover

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2 Responses to My Cover Artist Loves Kerosene

  1. icassop says:

    Hi, that’s a really cool cover. Can’t wait for the third book in the series =)

    Btw, I remember you wrote the story “Pegasus King” on AFF. You took it down there and I was wondering if you were going to publish it and/or release the sequel in the near future. I’m a bit sad to see that there is no information here on the website.

    Thank you!

    • Ciara Darren says:

      Thanks! I’m excited for the third book as well. As for Pegasus King. I am going to publish it later this year, as well as the sequel. Will be to posting about it that soon. Thank you for asking!

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