Published – The TERMS Series Episode III: Terms of Denouncement

Terms of Denouncement CoverThe wait is over. Do you want to read about backs against the wall, questions of loyalty, passion, love, identity? Terms of Denouncement, the third episode of the TERMS series is now alive and kicking like a newborn on Amazon. The story however, is not newborn. This one tried to tear out my heart, made my editors cuss and would most definitely have gotten me burned at the stake in certain time periods or in certain places. And it’s the book I’ve been waiting to write every since the first one in the series. My cover artist literally doused things in kerosene and he’s hoping the next cover will be as exciting.

This is the story where Jarvis starts to take off the gloves, Telos proves to everyone what he is really made of and Lazarous steps out into the light and reminds us that he IS a dragon.

For those of you who enjoy my books, have fun, go read! And for those who follow this blog for things other than books, like life, all I can say is, three months, three books published. Goal achieved and coffee abused. Liberally. Cheers!

As promised, the next book out will be Pegasus King, slated for March. Again, cover artist, model and I have to work out details. The fourth book in the TERMS series is scheduled for August of this year.

As for now, I have a a warm blooded, very real, very present man who requires some conversation from me when I’m not talking about other men, creatures, queens, or evil villains. And he deserves it. So I shall take my leave, for tonight and see everyone again tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Published – The TERMS Series Episode III: Terms of Denouncement

  1. Congrats! Three books published in three months is a great achievement.

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