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Pegasus King

There has been a lot messages and email lately, asking about Pegasus King. Honestly, I’ve been surprised and very humbled by all of it. I had no idea that so many people were still interested after all this time in … Continue reading

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Music, TV and Catch Up

I love fanvids. Youtube is my place for finding them. Now that I’m back from living in China, (my third time through there), I have Youtube again! As well as Netflix. One could say there’s been a mite bit of … Continue reading

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Back from the Fire Wall

Hello Everyone, Evidently, WordPress is blocked in China. But….this weekend I finally set up a work around. Talk about feeling the need for Net Neutrality in the West! So, my apologies to everyone who didn’t see my comments on their blogs … Continue reading

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Hello California: Wanderers from the East have Landed in the West

  The past week there hasn’t been much time of me to consider any profound topics or research. It’s been one long rush with spurts of hurry up and wait every since Kynght and I left our apartment. Now I’m … Continue reading

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Graphics: I’m going back to Preschool!

There are so many benefits do being able to produce your own graphics these days, especially for those of us in social media who enjoy creativity. Sometimes I just want to be able to show everyone what’s rattling around between … Continue reading

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Telling Tales, Knyght and Podcasting

My husband and I started a podcast a just over a week ago.  Two episodes are published as of yesterday. You can find us on iTunes as 23 and 1/2 Miles or on pod bean and here at on … Continue reading

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12 Months

I decided to play around with a new tool on my Mac this week and share something a little different with all of you. Below is a collection of photos from the last twelve months of my life, working in … Continue reading

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It’s not so far away, my friend.

Sometimes we read about a world and want so very much to be able to walk in it, feel and know it like we would a real place. We so often forget how close to fantasy some parts of the … Continue reading

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Mead versus Beer in Fantasy

Until today, whenever I was reading historical accounts or fantasy I read beer and mead as interchangeable words. Today I decided to look it up. They are not the same according to Wikipedia. Here we go. We’ll start with a … Continue reading

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Things Fantasy Has Taught Me – Part 1: Maps

I have a special place in my heart for the Chronicles of Narnia. After Goldilocks and the Three Bears, they are the first fantasy books I clearly remember. My mother would read them to me and my sisters long before … Continue reading

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