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Pegasus King

There has been a lot messages and email lately, asking about Pegasus King. Honestly, I’ve been surprised and very humbled by all of it. I had no idea that so many people were still interested after all this time in … Continue reading

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Show, Don’t Tell: Advice Not Just for Storytelling

More than a year ago, I wrote a post “Modern Myths: The Active Audience, Imagination, and Why I Love Fanvids”. ┬áThere, I explained a bit about why I enjoy watching fan made music videos and the art that goes into … Continue reading

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Some Hilarity for Your Day

Watch this song and don’t laugh. Go on, try it! Kudos to Aya0lingo the editor/creator. And if you haven’t seen Fruit Basket, it’s an anime I heartily recommend! This amv is extra hilarious is you realize that the boy with … Continue reading

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I love music. Youtube is my playground for discovering new artists and pieces. I love seeing the artistry of visuals and audio that so many talented people are sharing. Music is inspiring. I can map my life by artists and … Continue reading

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