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What do Assassin’s Creed and Taking a Phone Call Have in Common?

  Freedom is precious. And before you think I’m going to jump on the bandwagon of one U.S. presidential candidate or another, no, that’s not what this is about. Let’s get personal, not political. It’s a complicated idea, freedom. People bat around … Continue reading

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This Should NOT Have Happened

Yesterday afternoon, as I was getting ready to wrap up at my office, I heard a shriek. Someone said, “There’s been a mass shooting, in Paris.” I put my head back down and kept working. I think a lot of … Continue reading

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Relationships: Holding Them Together

I had an exciting text from one of the teenagers in my life this past week. She just starting going out with her first boyfriend — they look so cute together! The truth is, young love isn’t always built to … Continue reading

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Ritual: A Standby of Human History

  Rituals. Hm… Let’s tackle this one. We all have them. Like little puppies or monstrous fat mean cats. Definition: (because I have that bachelor degree for a reason and it wasn’t to party 🙂 rit·u·al  noun 1. an established … Continue reading

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An Apology to My Sisters: Looking for the Line Between Survival and Betraying Myself

  Recently Janna G. Noelle wrote a very honest and interesting post on marketing and feminism. The comment stream became lively and stimulating. You should go check it out. This post is partly inspired by the conversations I had with … Continue reading

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Packing Suitcases: Saying Goodbye and Letting Go

The four suitcases left for the airport yesterday. Three days ago, we trundled three boxes of books and personal papers and nearly gave the postmaster a heart attack when we announced we wanted to ship them via sea to California … Continue reading

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Strong Women, the Love Story and What I Learned with Speculative Fiction and Slash

Fiction, more than anything else, has changed my view on family, morality, and sexuality. Combine that with a university education and living abroad and I’ve spent the last eight years in demolition and reconstruction of my world view. It’s been … Continue reading

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Walk Away Girl, Walk Away

The moment of walking away stays with you forever. The emotions can be so pure and yet conflicted. Sitting on the back of a public bus driving towards the international airport in South Korea, I remember clear pictures, flashes of … Continue reading

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Ghosts, Demons, and the Gray Line of Reality – Part 1

Before I went to university, I didn’t believe in ghosts, hauntings and specters. I had a well developed knowledge of angels and demons, based on the King James version of the Christian Bible and dozens of missionary bibliographies my parents … Continue reading

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Telling Tales, Knyght and Podcasting

My husband and I started a podcast a just over a week ago.  Two episodes are published as of yesterday. You can find us on iTunes as 23 and 1/2 Miles or on pod bean and here at on … Continue reading

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