Thank you for coming to my home online. If you’re enjoying Terms and want more to, check out the series page to see what is already available or coming soon. I have gone fully professional. Pegasus King is now out on Amazon and Kobo.

Here’s links to sketches of Telos, and the Enforcer emblem. Credit goes to the Talented Lady R and Hannah Flaherty. Or read some of my thoughts on Strong Women, the Love Story, and What I Learned From Speculative Fiction and Slash. I’d love to have some comments from Adult Fanfiction readers and writers. Or check out Modern Myths: the Active Audience, Imagination and Why I Love Fanvids.

Meanwhile, leave a comment, introduce yourself. I always respond! 

To know when new works are coming out in book form, please sign up to my newsletter for updates. I promise to only use the power of your information for good. Good for you, as in sending you more of what you want to read! I absolutely refuse to spam.

8 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Rawth says:

    So….got directed here from AFF.net….was reading The Pegasus King and loving it. Is that story arc going to be revived or continued? It had such a beautifully developed world and characters. I love terms….but I love Pegasus too.

    • Ciara Darren says:

      Pegasus King is definitely a story arc that will be revive and continued. I love it myself and am scheduling publish dates for the first and second parts of that story line for later this year. Thank you for your comment!

      • SonnyGoten says:

        I too was reading Pegasus King. I clicked the “following ciara darren” button, will that notify me when you start publishing that story again?

      • Ciara Darren says:

        Hello! The “follow ciara darren” will let you know when I publish new posts on this website, which will include some articles on where Pegasus King is. Or you can write me at ciaradarren@gmail.com and I’ll add your email to the list of people who want to be notified. I am publishing the first book, which was basically released earlier, as a full, edited and professionally processed book later this month. The continuation will be coming out in late May. Thank you for asking!

  2. Google says:

    Hey there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to
    give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your
    articles. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics?
    Thank you so much!

  3. Rose says:

    Hi Ciara, I wasn’t sure where to leave this but I’m responding to the request you placed up on aff.com about looking for a beta reader. I would be glad to be considered for the position if you are interested 🙂 I have never beta read for a story before but as I am enjoying your stories immensely I’d be strongly willful to do my best if chosen for the position. You can contact my at this email: mkespradit@ucmerced.edu to let me know your decision.


  4. Foo says:

    sorry for the little screw ups in my posting sometimes the mind is faster then the fingers! That doesn’t happen when I beta though! Also I’m using a new computer the keyboard and finger touch is much more sensitive then I’m use too. Anywho hope to talk/hear from you soon.


  5. Foo says:

    you asked for a beta… I have lots of free time and I LOVE reading slash fantasy stories any day any time any where! I am currently helping the author of Luca’s Wolf Coven and awesome story in it’s own right. She’s been a little sick as of late and I haven’t gotten any more chapters yet to beta. She normal sends me two then I work from there.

    I would love to help in anyway that I can, and besides who doesn’t want to read the chapters before anyone else? My name is Jennifer my nickname is Foo and my email is wolfluv131313@gmail.com let me know if it works or not. I’ll still read ya even if it’s not going to work!


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