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Unicorn Western Full Saga

I just finished reading Unicorn Western Full Saga. Whew! Ok. How do I start? Did I enjoy? Yes! Was is whacky as all get out? Yes! Did it work? Beautifully. After looking at the cover, I was not expecting anything … Continue reading

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Book Review: Vengeance (Nameste) by Platt and Truant

I’m coming to enjoy novella length pieces, even if they’re serialized pieces of longer works. Much of my reading happens now on my iPhone and I can read one of these after lights out at night, have the satisfaction  of … Continue reading

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A New Year!

Last night or early this morning as your timepiece dictates, my husband and I left the house as the clock struck twelve and rode our bicycles to the local Shinto Shrine near where we live, in Japan. We tossed a … Continue reading

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