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Night Child

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The Cover: Terms of Derangement

It’s here, the cover for TERMS of Derangement. And I couldn’t be more pleased. Noah Flaherty, my cover designer, was very patient with me and even learned new techniques and made excellent suggestions to help make this vision a reality. Publish date … Continue reading

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Publishing on November 7th, 2015

Hello Everyone, I will be publishing TERMS of Derangement, the first episode in the TERMS series, on Amazon, on November 7th. Here are some of the reviews I’ve gotten back from readers who have been following chapter releases on adulfanfiction.org … Continue reading

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Telos is in Trouble: Lucy the T-rex and the Snow Leopards

Telos is in trouble. Telos usually is, you may say. This time, though, it’s not in the pages book were an author can be persuaded to rescue him. Telos is a snow leopard. He’s also an MC of my current book. … Continue reading

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Writing Product Descriptions is NOT for the Faint of Heart

For the last four weeks, I’ve been posting chapters from Terms of Derangement both here and adultfanfiction.net. Last year, I posted the entire book Pegasus King two chapters a week to adultfanfiction.net as well. I think readership in my genre … Continue reading

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