The TERMS Series

Shape shifters, changelings, dragons, vampires, power hungry churchman, and pirates of an alternative early European industrial revolution channel the heart of the TERMS series. Conflict explodes when Lord Jarvis, a Royal Enforcer charged with exterminating non-human creatures, meets Telos, a young shape-shifting snow leopard. Unable to bring himself to kill the harmless boy, the veteran soldier is brought face to face with the darkness of his own empire.

The series is written in seasons of three episodes each, in the spirit of a TV series like BBC’s Sherlock. Each episode is the length of a short to mid-sized novel on its own.

Season 1:

Episode #1: Terms of Derangement 

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Cover Design by Noah Flaherty





Episode #2: Terms of Defilement 

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Terms of Defilement - Master Cover





Episode #3: Terms of Denouncement

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Terms of Denouncement Cover





Season 2:

Episode #4: Terms of Arrayment  (coming out August 2016)