Book Review: The Angels’ Pride (The Fallen Angels) by Steven Lindsay

The Angels' PrideI’ve been reading this book for the past week and a half. Usually I chew through plot lines this complex and engaging faster but I’m in the middle of an international move and finding a new job. This was an entirely pleasurable escape for the in-between moments!

If you are easily offended in your religious beliefs, be they any of the major religious sects, you will not enjoy this book. However, if you are well educated in several of them, you will most assuredly appreciate the deft and educated hand of Steven Lindsay as he does some of the best stealing like an artist from the pages of history I have seen in my last few novels. If you enjoy Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles or Michael Stark’s The Island, you may enjoy this book as well.

The premise is this: Sariel, a ‘young’ in angelic terms arch angel, begins to learn that not all in heaven is as she has been told. Unexpected increased restrictions on her freedom by Gabriel and Michael, her brother and his wife, drive her in her search for answers. What she discovers and does with those discovers will have vast consequences, not only for herself, but for the pantheons of the Celtics, the Greeks, the Romans, the Hindus, the denizens of Hell and the residents of Heaven.

I adore strong female characters who don’t deny their feminine natures and this novel abounds in such characters. Brigid is probably my favorite character in the book, though as half Irish, I might be biased. I enjoy the Norse and Celt gods, though my intimate knowledge of them needs some study. Hera was true to form, for me, considering her character development and Gabriel was larger than life.

I also appreciated the take on various issues in the modern take. There is no particular date in which the tale is set, though post 2001 seems logical, which makes the book easily readable for years to come.

There was character development all over the board and plenty of twists and unexpected turns in the plot. The number of fantastical creatures alluded to or directly involved was exciting. So often we end up with the standard dragon, phoenix, talking animal variety. Lindsay pulled out dozens and dozens of myths to populate his world and included a glossary in the back for those inclined to add to their arcane knowledge. You don’t need it though, to thoroughly enjoy the story.

The only reason I’m giving this book a four out of five stars is because of the editing. The plot is solid and the book entirely readable. Lindsey is a young author just making his start and this is an excellent work just out of the gate. My hope is Steven Lindsay will eventually sell enough copies that he can hire proofreaders to polish it to its full luster. I’ll be happy to come back and give it a full five star rating.

The plot ends in a highly satisfactory manner but there’s so much I still want to know. Definitely a book one in a series, but can be read on its own.

So go read it!

*I realized Steven’s last name was misspelled. Correct and updated!

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8 Responses to Book Review: The Angels’ Pride (The Fallen Angels) by Steven Lindsay

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  2. Sounds like an interesting book. Where are you moving to?

    • Ciara Darren says:

      California, somewhere in the southern part. I’ll be in San Diego first and wherever hubby and I find work after that. Actually, its a bit of going back for me, since I was born there. It will be really new to, though, since I haven’t lived there in 18 years. Have you been there?

      • I’ve been to San Fran twice but other than that, nowhere else in California. Which is kinda crazy considering I’m living in Vancouver, BC; California is so close. And so dry.

        So where are you currently if you’re moving to California? I assumed you were already in the States and moving out.

      • Ciara Darren says:

        I’m in Gunma, Japan now, for just eight more days. Actually, form 8-18 I lived in the Puget Sound of Washington D.C., much closer to Canada. California and the Pacific North West are night and day when it comes to rain fall. How did you like San Fran?

      • I loved San Francisco, as evidenced by the fact I went there twice, although, sadly, neither time while visiting did I wear flowers in my hair. 🙂

        I have to say, though, my favourite places I’ve been to in the US so far are Santa Fe, NM and Arizona in around the Tonto National Forest. The desert in that area in particular like a dreamscape to me. Have you ever visited Canada?

      • Ciara Darren says:

        I have visited Canada, just three days though, a quick run up from Boston to Niagara Falls and then on to Toronto. It was such an internationally city. I was able to go into a Chinese resturaunt and actually talk to the waiter in Chinese, though I was a little rusty. And then that night at a Japanese place, Knyght ordered for us in Japanese. It was March though, and cold!

        You should wear flowers in your hair just for the fun of it!

  3. Alex Hurst says:

    Looks like a cool book! 🙂

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