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10 Shrines of History, Politics, and Wonder – a.k.a. Museums

Museums throw open the doors to the past, the future, and the facts and opinions we might never otherwise come in contact with. Recently, Knyght and I visit The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. We meant to stay just … Continue reading

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Mars Chastises Cupid

People have not been, historically, completely repressed. The more I learn of human history, the less I believe in the “good old days”. That’s not to say it was all bad! Actually, the best parts of humanity seemed to be … Continue reading

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Ritual: A Standby of Human History

  Rituals. Hm… Let’s tackle this one. We all have them. Like little puppies or monstrous fat mean cats. Definition: (because I have that bachelor degree for a reason and it wasn’t to party 🙂 rit·u·al  noun 1. an established … Continue reading

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Debt or Chains?

More than any other genre, epic fantasy owes a debt to the past. From Star Wars to Harry Potter, the major brands of fantasy have their own version of the orthodox struggle of good and evil, often portrayed as the … Continue reading

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Graphics: I’m going back to Preschool!

There are so many benefits do being able to produce your own graphics these days, especially for those of us in social media who enjoy creativity. Sometimes I just want to be able to show everyone what’s rattling around between … Continue reading

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