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Enter the realm of the Pegasus King

All my pretty words have flown away and let out a sigh of relief because something much larger and grander than a post has been born.  Pegasus King The first book of the PEGASUS trilogy is now available on Amazon and … Continue reading

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If You Give a Person a Special Person, they’re probably going to need…

So, after Valentine’s Day…. I’ve been on the advise-offering end of relationship conversations for years, I think, because I can listen very well, for hours, especially if I’m sipping vodka. That, and I keep a leprechaun in my basement, making … Continue reading

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Release of TERMS Episode II: Terms of Defilement

We’re two for two! November was TERMS Episode I: Terms of Derangement and now for December, I give you TERMS Episode II: Terms of Defilement, with an even better cover, I think, than the first book! Seriously, this cover has … Continue reading

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Book Review: Book 1 Part 2 The Island

Today is just a quick post. Or two. Things to do and place to be. So here’s an update on the Fallen Earth Series. You can see my post on Part One from before. I finished Part Two of Book … Continue reading

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Liebster Award

Back on January 4th, Hana at Follow That Rabbit! nominated me for something called the Liebster award. From a Blank Page to Happily Ever after also poked me for the award yesterday, before I could finish hunting up the last … Continue reading

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It’s not so far away, my friend.

Sometimes we read about a world and want so very much to be able to walk in it, feel and know it like we would a real place. We so often forget how close to fantasy some parts of the … Continue reading

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The Books That Haunt You

Every now and then you run across books that changes you. They get under your skin, into your nearly every waking thought and quiet possibly your dreams, they simple refuse to go away. They haunt us. And we like it. … Continue reading

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Children’s Fantasy, or is it?

Fantasy is nearly infinitely scalable. The concept of fantasy stretches between the morality story of Peter Rabbit who lost his clothes frolicking in the garden to the gothic erotic adventures of Anita Blake. There is a place for both ends … Continue reading

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That Subversive Genre

There was a time in my childhood when my family was involved in an extreme religious group of the  evangelical persuasion. My parents cut all ties to them many years ago, for the better but my memories of those years … Continue reading

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