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But you have to have it! Um…no, really, no

Please be prepared, this might come off slightly in the realm of rant. Some of my friends and I, as well as several of my family members and I have been having an ongoing conversation about the acquirement of “stuff” since … Continue reading

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The Oscars and Book Covers

At Starbuck’s this morning, the patron in front of me in line, the two baristas behind the counter, and myself were all discussing the Oscars. None of us had actually watched the awards, though most of us had checked online … Continue reading

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Killing Words

The following is a short essay in the form of a story based on my travels. All the places mentioned here are place I have been. Everything, except the conversation, are taken from things that happened in life. I found … Continue reading

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Climbing Walls

__________ Photo Credit: Ciara Darren Location: Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan

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10 Shrines of History, Politics, and Wonder – a.k.a. Museums

Museums throw open the doors to the past, the future, and the facts and opinions we might never otherwise come in contact with. Recently, Knyght and I visit The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. We meant to stay just … Continue reading

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Show, Don’t Tell: Advice Not Just for Storytelling

More than a year ago, I wrote a post “Modern Myths: The Active Audience, Imagination, and Why I Love Fanvids”.  There, I explained a bit about why I enjoy watching fan made music videos and the art that goes into … Continue reading

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This Should NOT Have Happened

Yesterday afternoon, as I was getting ready to wrap up at my office, I heard a shriek. Someone said, “There’s been a mass shooting, in Paris.” I put my head back down and kept working. I think a lot of … Continue reading

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Speculative Fiction and Tradition

When I first started writing, I kept conflicts, characters and my societies very much politically correct, in as far as I understood correctness. I didn’t bash any races, I didn’t write racist characters and I didn’t mess around with life … Continue reading

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Fantasy: The oldest Genre Around

I’ve been writing about fantasy a lot lately. There’s a reason. I keep running into it and I can’t get enough of it. Fantasy is for everyone. No matter where you are in your life, what you do in your … Continue reading

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Forbidden Words, Subconscious Decisions

When I was maybe twelve, I ran across a Stephen King book. I don’t know what book it was. I think it was in my grandmother’s mobile home, when she was visiting us one summer. “Don’t read that,” she said. … Continue reading

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