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The Blurred Lines of Genre and Why We Still Need to Know Them

When I was thirteen and first wrapped my mind around the concept of genre while gobbling up all the ‘how to write’ books at my local library – back before there were many blogs and online chatrooms or I had … Continue reading

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By the Sight of Mine eyes, Seduce Me

I like to walk around book stores just looking at covers. I’ll do it even if I have a book already picked out or ten books at home to read. I just like looking at them. A beautiful cover can … Continue reading

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I have a Dragon, where’s the Selkie?

I grew up in Southern California and we had all sorts of dangerous animals and interesting creatures. fascinate me. I’ve faced off with numerous rattle snakes, watched a dog get pelted by six skunks at once, seen my sister get stung by a … Continue reading

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