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Climbing Walls

__________ Photo Credit: Ciara Darren Location: Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan

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If You Give a Person a Special Person, they’re probably going to need…

So, after Valentine’s Day…. I’ve been on the advise-offering end of relationship conversations for years, I think, because I can listen very well, for hours, especially if I’m sipping vodka. That, and I keep a leprechaun in my basement, making … Continue reading

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10 Shrines of History, Politics, and Wonder – a.k.a. Museums

Museums throw open the doors to the past, the future, and the facts and opinions we might never otherwise come in contact with. Recently, Knyght and I visit The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. We meant to stay just … Continue reading

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Breath of Fire

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Dancing With Our Fear

When I was a young, my father played this song on the boombox called “Live Like You Were Dying”. I didn’t get. I didn’t want to live thinking about death. I was already scared enough about hell. I’d listened to … Continue reading

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What do Assassin’s Creed and Taking a Phone Call Have in Common?

  Freedom is precious. And before you think I’m going to jump on the bandwagon of one U.S. presidential candidate or another, no, that’s not what this is about. Let’s get personal, not political. It’s a complicated idea, freedom. People bat around … Continue reading

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Published – The TERMS Series Episode III: Terms of Denouncement

The wait is over. Do you want to read about backs against the wall, questions of loyalty, passion, love, identity? Terms of Denouncement, the third episode of the TERMS series is now alive and kicking like a newborn on Amazon. The story however, … Continue reading

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Pegasus King

There has been a lot messages and email lately, asking about Pegasus King. Honestly, I’ve been surprised and very humbled by all of it. I had no idea that so many people were still interested after all this time in … Continue reading

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My Cover Artist Loves Kerosene

Can you tell? So, with a week to go to the end of January, we have this gorgeous cover for Episode 3 – Terms of Denouncement. I could not be more thrilled. Baring “Acts of Nature” – I’m just superstitious … Continue reading

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Show, Don’t Tell: Advice Not Just for Storytelling

More than a year ago, I wrote a post “Modern Myths: The Active Audience, Imagination, and Why I Love Fanvids”.  There, I explained a bit about why I enjoy watching fan made music videos and the art that goes into … Continue reading

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