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We Are…

There is no monster as great as man. No vampire, no dark lord, no werewolf or dragon is as frightening as a human bent on his darker nature.   And there is no creature as beautiful. No elven image that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Vengeance (Nameste) by Platt and Truant

I’m coming to enjoy novella length pieces, even if they’re serialized pieces of longer works. Much of my reading happens now on my iPhone and I can read one of these after lights out at night, have the satisfaction  of … Continue reading

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Forbidden Words, Subconscious Decisions

When I was maybe twelve, I ran across a Stephen King book. I don’t know what book it was. I think it was in my grandmother’s mobile home, when she was visiting us one summer. “Don’t read that,” she said. … Continue reading

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